How and why WELS will transform your company’s logistics.

Optimize operations. Increase profits.

Put very simply, oil and gas logistics is all about: “How to move X from A to B as quick, safe and cost-efficient as possible?” WELS provides the smartest answers to this question, every time. Developed to streamline logistics, WELS enables resource optimisation and improved margins – in effect converting your company’s logistics into a competitive advantage.

One-click solution. Easy to use.

Managing your logistics can be both complicated and time-consuming. WELS compiles all your information and workflows on one single, digital platform. Operations are simplified, the need for phone calls and spread sheets are minimalised – as are the chances of mistakes and miscalculations.

Unleashing the power of AI and big data

Combining the use of pioneering business intelligence tools with big data and artificial intelligence, WELS enables constant evaluation, predictive planning and cost-efficient cargo and personnel transport. WELS automatically removes inefficiencies, reduces underutilization and matches supply and demand. All involved parties are empowered through having the full overview at all times.

Integrate. Communicate. Collaborate.

An essential quality with WELS is that it seamlessly shares logistics data between companies and projects. This collaborative force ensures one client’s best practice is made available to all our customers. By working closely with our customers, our products are continually improved. WELS also integrates with other software solutions.

Thrive with a partner that understands logistics as well as you

Unlike other software solutions, WELS is devised and developed by logistics experts and IT professionals working in close collaboration. Our in-depth knowledge gained from 30 plus years within oil and gas logistics is reflected in WELS exceptional qualities.

Expert support 24/7

As our customer, WELS experts will be available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our service personnel master the English language and are dedicated to one thing: helping you succeed through WELS.

Join forces with other business-driven companies

If you choose WELS, you’ll get direct access to the fastest growing logistics software company in the global energy industry. Nothing will please us more than if your company decides to start using WELS. Here are some of the companies who already trust WELS as their preferred logistics software:

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