Changing the oil and gas industry – through logistics

Wellit was founded on a disruptive business idea: to transform logistics into a competitive advantage for companies within the global oil and gas industry. The idea for our software solution WELS came from struggling within the chaos and limitations of existing systems. Using knowledge gained from our years of experience in oil and gas logistics, we developed WELS to set a new industry standard for logistics. Our solution enables all involved parties to use one logistics hub, accommodates big data, AI and modern business intelligence tools and replaces uncertainty and inefficiency with control and predictability.

A green solution

Through efficiently matching the available resources (human, equipment, vessels) to the needs of your organisation, WELS also minimises your carbon footprint. At Wellit we pride ourselves on contributing to a better future for you, your company and our planet.

A global presence

Wellit is a global company without geographical limits. Our WELS products are being used in all regions of the world, in both offshore and onshore operations. We work with everything from the world’s largest corporations to smaller sized contractors. Big or small, all our customers are equally important to us.

The future is now

Creating the future of oil and gas logistics is a never-ending quest. One of the essential qualities of WELS is the sharing of data between companies and projects. This insight gives us unique access to the ever-changing challenges within our industry. At Wellit we humbly welcome being in this unique position. Our goal will always be to lead the global energy industry, and our customers, towards future successes.

Currently WELS is transforming logistics at the following locations:


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