WELS Operator

A one-stop, multi-module software solution for operator companies in the global oil and gas industry. Makes logistics management collaborative, secure and efficient. Simplifies complex workflows and enables smooth communication between all involved.

Offers comprehensive tracking of all cargo movements through the supply chain. Provides controlled and predictive logistics. Drives down rental equipment costs.

A comprehensive management tool that enables the handling all personnel for all projects, from planning to implementation. Simplifies communication for rig managers, suppliers and coordinators. Safeguards certifications, resource allocation and overall POB control.

Facilitates detailed planning of all essential activities in drilling operations. Ensures that all equipment and personnel resources are handled correctly, and supplied at the correct time and place.

Facilitates planning and reporting of vessel activities. Visualizes the deck and bulk states. Enables resource optimisation of the vessel-pool, and facilitates vessel-sharing with other operators. WELS Marine integrates with the AI route optimiser.  Based on current and future scenarios, the AI route optimizer will constantly recalculate route and operational options for you.  In effect empowering you to make optimal operational decisions at all times.

Controls inventory management of third-party suppliers, including stock on hand, planned equipment use and inventory movement reports.

The KPI dashboard provides detailed insight into your operational performance. By using KPI measures actively, you can streamline operations through better planning, better contracting and better execution.

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