Always improving – always expanding

Where do we come from?
Wellit was established in Stavanger, Norway in 2011. We’re a software company dedicated to the business we find most exciting of all businesses: the oil and gas industry. Our management team has in-depth experience and knowledge from years of working with oil and gas logistics. Tired of fighting the chaos and limitations of existing logistic systems, we developed the Wellit Logistics System (WELS). We don’t like to brag, but there’s no sense in hiding the fact that we’re all super proud of WELS. Why? Cause WELS works, that’s why! Over here we explain how and why it works.

Why do we never stop wanting to get better?
Our WELS software is under continuous development. We get a kick out of working closely with our customers, and use their feedback to improve the quality of our products. Our nerdy commitment to quality ultimately benefits all our customers. Whenever we are so lucky to start working with a new customer, we make sure to adapt our products and services to match your specifics. At Wellit we never stop trying to do an even better job. Never!

Where are we heading?
Having experienced success from day one, we are now the market leader within logistics software among operators. Already we work with some of the largest energy companies in the world. Our customer’s high satisfaction and our own confidence and expertise in what we do are our greatest assets as we now approach the oil and gas industry in all corners of the world.

Oh yeah, we nearly forgot. Here are some of us smiling to the camera.


Wanna help make us better?

Wellit is growing by the day. This means we´re always on the lookout for talented candidates. Most of all we´d like to hear from IT professionals. Experience and ambitions within database development, web front end and mobile applications is a must. Specific knowledge of logistics and/or the oil and gas industry will put big smiles on our faces. If you´re also the type that gets turned on by getting things done and solving complex stuff for customers, we´ll be jumping with joy!

Happy feet?
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