WELS Operator

A cloud software solution to control and support the logistics process for operator companies within the oil and gas industry


Integrated collaboration tool between Logistics and Drilling for all equipment and personnel resources required during drilling and production operations.


Comprehensive tracking of all cargo movements through the supply chain which provides Logistics with better control and drives down rental equipment costs.


Inventory management at 3rd party suppliers including stock on hand and inventory movement reports for cost allocation purposes.


The ability to plan the vessel activities and visualize the deck and bulk states allows Operators to minimize the pool, engage in vessel sharing amongst Operators and reduce overall costs significantly.


A communication platform for Rig Managers, Suppliers and Coordinators to plan personnel movements in advance, ensuring certifications, resource allocation and overall POB control.

KPI management

The KPI cockpit provides visibility into the operational performance allowing for potential cost saving initiatives through better planning, contracting and execution.

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