WELS makes handling your logistics easy like a Sunday morning

What is WELS?

The Wellit Logistics System (WELS) is a suite of cloud software solutions to control and support the logistics process for the oil and gas industry, with a special emphasis on cargo and resources. WELS is also a communication platform for all parties involved in any specific operation.

How does WELS work?

Would you like to know where all your supplies, orders, people and equipment are at all times? WELS puts you in total control of your logistics operations. Our real-time solution gives you a clear overview of everything that’s going on, at all times. Each delivery is tracked, and every transaction along the way leaves an electronic trace, ensuring that everyone involved is instantly updated of any changes.

Can my company use WELS?

If you are a company involved in oil and gas operations, the answer is simple: Yes! Among our present clients are oil companies and a number of their suppliers, including rig operators and shipping companies, supply base companies and other sub suppliers to the oil and gas industry.

What if we have special requirements?

No problem, we expect you to! In our complex industry most companies have their own unique qualities that demand unique solutions. That’s why we created WELS as a highly flexible software, that can be tailor-made to fit whatever specifications. You should also know that WELS is compatible with systems you may already be using.

What benefits does WELS offer us?

To mention just some: It’s super easy to use. It can be used by anyone, everywhere. It lets you control and plan cargo, provides full equipment tracking and personnel transportation support in addition to putting you in total control of daily operations. For further specifics, we recommend you talk directly with one of us. Nothing would make us happier!

Is WELS easy to use?

Yes! Thanks to many of our developers having sat years on your side of the table, our system is intuitive and user-friendly in every thinkable way. Being a web and app based platform WELS is available everywhere.

How do I get started with WELS?

Relax, our specialists will help you get started. Either through courses here at our own training centre, or by hanging out with you at your location. Whatever we agree is most effective for your company.

What if I need help?

Well, then all you need is some love and support from our friendly experts at our helpdesk.

Is WELS the answer to all our problems?

Probably not. But if you’re looking for a logistics system that will ease and boost your business, we would recommend you at least talk to us.

WELS, hello there!

We’d love to tell you more about us, and we’d love even more to learn about you. Contact us, so we can show you how our products and services can make your life in logistics easier!